Savita Bhabhi Episode 57: The Bad Bahus

Savita Bhabhi Episode 57: The Bad Bahus

Patel Patriarch Kunal treats his family to a holiday abroad, inviting Ashok and Savita, and Kunal’s son Ayush and his new wife Pooja. Things get off to a rocky start when Pooja catches her husband flirting with girls at the resort, so Savita suggests a plan to counter Ayush’s wandering eye: skimpy bikinis for both Pooja and herself. The plan works, but the sight of the two hot bikini’d wives gives Kunal Uncleji an idea for a plan of his own. Chastizing the bahus for their overexposure, he drags them back to the hotel for a little one-on-two action with his Naughty Bahus!

Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_01 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_02 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_03 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_04 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_05 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_06 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_07 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_08 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_09 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_10 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_11 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_12 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_13 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_14 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_15 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_16 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_17 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_18 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_19 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_20 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_21 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_22 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_23 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_24 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_25 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_26 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_27 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_28 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_29 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_30 Savita-Bhabhi-EP-57-The-Bad-Bahus_Page_31

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